Ultrasonic technology will be incredible force. Many anticipate that ultrasonic technology will soon rule over our daily's lives. The ultrasonic landscape will unfold beyond our imagination, however, the talented people of Sonictech, in hopes of helping people enjoy easier, happier, health and more exciting lives, are taking on these challenges head on.
I, C.E.O. Mr. Cho Kyung Seok, have established Sonic Tech at 1998 with short slogan of vision "Utrasonic Leader" under career in R&D inorganic material Center which are Hanyang university and industry and research and develop for promotion of Utrasonic Ceramic Element and Piezo Electric Elements during last 2 decade and Sonic Tech made a contract with R&D Center of Hanyang Technical Colleage and Korea Ceramic Materials Research Institute as industrial-educational cooperation.
Since established, we at Sonictech Co., Ltd have been making great efforts in developing basic elements that are used for various ultrasonic applied products including the piezo-electric ceramic device. Our strenuous efforts have enabled us to manufacture many ultrasonic applied products including piezo-electric elements, an ultrasonic massager, ultrasonic prostate treatment machine, ultrasonic lens cleaner, ultrasonic manicure cleaner, ultrasonic fungus treatment machine, and ultrasonic disperser. And we have applied for a patent which could be applied to many kinds of Ultrasonic Instruments.
Today we are distributing the above products to Japan, Canada and USA as well as local market with reputation. We are confident that our products will leave you completely satisfied in terms of our quality and technology. Best wishes for you and your company.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Kyungseok Cho,
C.E.O. and President